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 What are Tournaments?

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PostSubject: What are Tournaments?   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:08 pm

Tournaments are an organized competition in which trainers battle their pokemon in order to win as many continuous battles in a row as possibe to become the champion. To become the tournament champion, you must have no losses during the whole of the tournament and remain undefeated.

There are several types of tournaments that you may run into. They will either take place through Pokemon Diamond/Pearl or Pokemon Battle Revolution.

A) Public Tournaments- Tournaments held by a member of Pokemon Masquerade. They are unranked, anyone can enter, and usually have very specific rules. They are smaller types of tournaments.

B) Ranked Tournaments- Tournaments held by Pokemon Masquerade, where depending on how you fared in the tournament, can increase or decrease your site rank. Your rank can affect your ability to enter special championship tournaments.

C) Invitational Tournaments- Special ranked tournaments where the highest ranked members are invited to battle one another for special awards and very high rank points.

D) Specialty Tournaments- Ranked tournaments which have a very specific and usually restricting rule set. (Exp: Ubers Only, Baby Pokemon Only, Water Types Only)
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What are Tournaments?
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