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 What are the Different Ranks and Titles?

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PostSubject: What are the Different Ranks and Titles?   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:39 pm

There are several different ranks you can gain during your time on the site. Some are gained by posting on the forums (Normal Titles) and others are appointed by the Admin's only (Special Titles).

Here is a list of normal titles and how many posts to obtain them:

Beginning Trainer --- 0
Student Trainer --- 25
Junior Trainer --- 75
Senior Trainer --- 100
Tournament Trainer --- 150
Champion Trainer --- 200
Savant Trainer --- 250
Master Trainer --- 500
Grand Master Trainer --- 1000
Ultimate Trainer --- 2500
Ultimate Grand Master Trainer --- 5000
Legendary Trainer --- 10000
Masquerade Trainer --- 999999 (Good Luck Razz)

Here is the list of Special Titles and Ranks:

Battle Administrator (Administrator)
Battle Referee (Moderator)
Azelf Trainer (Only Available to Azelf and Azelf's Evil Twin)
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What are the Different Ranks and Titles?
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