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 What is a Battle Referee (Moderator)?

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PostSubject: What is a Battle Referee (Moderator)?   Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:01 pm

A Battle Referee is a special rank which a member may be given by an Admin. Moderators are given basic administrative powers including locking topics, moving topics, and deleting topics as needed. Moderators are chosen based on a members loyalty lo the site, behaviour, and respect they have from other members. Moderators have several jobs as they patrol the forum.

A) They must make sure inappropriate posts are deleted.

B) Report people, who have broken the rules several times, to an Administrator.

C) Help out members who need help, or may not be certain about the rules.

D) Help in hosting Official Tournaments.

E) Perform other tasks which may occur.
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What is a Battle Referee (Moderator)?
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