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 Rules for Rating Teams and Being Rated

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PostSubject: Rules for Rating Teams and Being Rated   Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:11 am

Being Rated:

A) Do not flame or insult people who rate your teams. If someone else feels that your team could use some changes which you don't like, then so be it. Don't let what people get to you if you don't like it.

B) Take criticism gracefully. When someone gives their opinion on your team, thank them, and then reply with any comments which may help both you and the rater further enhance what has been suggested.

C) If someone flames your team and insults your choices, then immediately get a Mod/Admin. Don't start a fight on the forums, it is a lot worse for you.


A) Only give constructive criticism. If you flame someones team or make fun of another trainers team, even if it consists of Magikarp, then you will be punished quickly.

B) If the person being rated starts flaming your opinion, then don't fight back. Just call a Mod/Admin and it will be over.
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Rules for Rating Teams and Being Rated
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