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 Catching Shinies with the Pokeradar!

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PostSubject: Catching Shinies with the Pokeradar!   Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:18 am

This guide was made by 'SHUKO-CHAN' of the Nintendo Pokemon forums. I hope it helps out all who read it.

First of all, you have to have the Pokeradar. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you receive this gem of an item after beating the E4 and completing your Sinnoh Pokedex (you may not need to beat the E4... I don't remember for sure). Once you have it, you can then use it to hunt shinies through a method known as chaining.

Chaining, in theory, is very simple. All you do is accumulate multiples of the same pokemon over and over while using the Pokeradar. Each "link" in the chain is one of those Pokemon. As long as you keep your chain from breaking and continue to either catch or defeat the pokemon you're chaining, your chain will grow. The higher your chain grows, the better your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon. So far, no one has picked apart the game code yet to find out just what the exact formula is for increasing the shiny rate. But it undeniably gets better as your chain increases. I've made chains of pokemon that awarded me over a dozen shinies just in that one chain!

So great. This is all fine and dandy, but anyone who's tried this method can tell you that chaining isn't as easy as it sounds. There's still a lot of luck involved, and there are a few important rules to keep in mind. For no apparent reason at all, your chain can break, destroying lots of careful chaining, and creating lots of shattered nerves. Chaining is not for the faint of heart.

Materials you'll need:
- Pokeradar
- Hundreds of Super or Max Repels
- Pokeballs
- Strong Pokemon with lots of PP (with a higher level than those of the area you're chaining in).

A typical chaining scenario begins by simply using a repel, and then using the Pokeradar. You then proceed to one of the wiggling grasses, and if it's the one you want to chain, either defeat it or catch it. Once you've finished the battle, the radar will activate again, and then you can begin to chain. You just have to follow the rules. Let's look at what I've called the "Rules of Chaining." These are a few select important rules that must be followed, or else your chain will break immediately.

The Rules of Chaining
1. When beginning a chain, remember which type of grass you entered to begin it. If it sparkles, all subsequent links in your chain will only exist in that type of sparkly grass. The same goes for other kinds of sparkling grass, as well as non-sparkling shaking grass.

2. Never run far enough to move all of the grasses that shook completely off the screen. Leave at least one of the grasses that shook on the screen at all times.

3. Always go for the grass that's farthest away from you. If the farthest one away isn't a type of grass you're chaining in, reset the radar and try again.

4. When your repel runs out, use another one immediately.

5. Never ride your bike.

So there you have it. Only five rules. But they leave a lot of questions, don't they? Here are some key concepts you'll need to understand.

Key Concepts
1. Resetting the Radar Resetting the radar is going to be necessary. And it will happen a LOT. Far more than accumulating links in your chain will. Resetting the radar is done by avoiding the wiggling grasses and running through enough steps to recharge the Pokeradar. Then, after you've recharged it, use the radar again. Your chain will still be intact, but you'll have a new set of grass patches to choose from.

Resetting the radar is very important. You have to be very choosy when looking for new links in your chain. If you have any misgivings at all about the current selection of grass you have, reset the radar. It's far better to take longer for a good link than to take a chance on a bad link.

2. Different Types of Grasses There are different types of grasses that can show up on the Pokeradar when you use it. Some of them are nothing more than normal-looking grass that wiggles a few times. Others look like they're sparkling, and this can come in a couple colors. The last kind is the "shiny" patch. That kind is VERY noticeable, and it shows the position of a shiny Pokemon. You should always proceed to that one, but do so carefully.

3. Resetting for Shinies At some point, you're going to want to stop building your chain and just wait for shinies to come to you. Many people have their own preferences as to when to do this, but most choose 40 as their stopping point. I personally choose 35. At any rate, when you choose to stop, simply reset the radar over and over again, until you see the shiny patch. This can take a long time, and depending on how high you built your chain, it could even take hours. Be sure to lay in a large stock of repels!

Now then. We know the basics. All I have left to tell you is a few tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. They'll save you a lot of hassle, so I'd suggest reading them too.

Tips and Tricks
1. Avoid grass near the edges of your grassy area. There's a kind of "spawning factor" involved in the Pokeradar. If you go to an area that has fewer grass patches, your radar has a smaller chance of continuing the chain there. Avoid these areas.

2. "Register" your Pokeradar. It's so much easier to just hit the Y button when you need to use the radar.

3. Place your repels at the top of your item list. That way you won't have to find them every time you start the game.

4. If you're chaining an electric pokemon, bring a Pokemon with the static ability along, and either faint it and put it at the front of your team, or put it there and battle with it. Either way its ability will work, and you'll draw in electric types more easily. The same is true for magnet pull and steel types, by the way.

5. If you'd like a specific natured shiny, bring along an abra or ralts with the synchronize ability, and the nature you're looking for. Put it at the front of the team either fainted or conscious.

6. You can save your game any time you want, but if you reset your game, your chain will break. If you need to take a break, you can put your DS in sleep mode or plug it in and go away. Time makes no difference in chains, and that's especially important to keep in mind when chaining swarm Pokemon. I've had a chain of Lickitung go for three days straight. Time makes absolutely no difference at all.

7. Keep your target Pokemon in mind when selecting your team. If you know you'll be chaining a Pokemon that may blow itself up, bring a Pokemon with the Damp ability along to prevent it. If your chosen Pokemon knows whirlwind, bring along a suction cups Pokemon. Always plan ahead.

8. Raise yourself a Meowth or Persian to level 100, make it hold an Amulet Coin, and use Pay Day on your chain Pokemon. You'll get 1000 bucks a pop on it, and it really helps to pay for those repels.

9. Bring along a team of pickup pokemon. You might as well pick up some goodies while you're battling!

10. A Pokemon with either False Swipe or Super Fang will really come in handy (unless you're chaining ghost types). Both of these moves are good in whittling down health.

11. The Poketch App. number 20 is vital when chaining. It shows how many you've got on your current chain, and it also shows your top three chain totals. Much easier than keeping count yourself. This is also handy when chaining to EV train, by the way.

12. When resetting the radar, try to get as close to the center of the grassy area as you can. Just as grabbing a link in your chain can be disastrous near the edges, so can resetting the radar. This is the area where the "The grass fell silent" message is most likely to occur.

13. Avoid stepping into the grass directly behind your character. Often, your character's bulbous head will be blocking that patch of grass from view, and if it wiggled, you could walk your way out of your chain by stepping into it. I only step in this patch if I've seen all four (the maximum number) wiggling patches of grass elsewhere.
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Catching Shinies with the Pokeradar!
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