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 Tournament/Battle Event---Quick Run Guide

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PostSubject: Tournament/Battle Event---Quick Run Guide   Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:55 pm

So that all tournaments can run as quickly and smoothly as possible, please ues the follwing guide when performing battles.

A) Confirm your opponent and obtain their Name and Friend Code.

B) Register your opponent on your Pal Pad. You may need to delete a space, or keep a space open, to register your opponents for tournaments and other eents.

C) Connect to the Nintendo Wifi Connection and commence with the battle. Please do not use the microphone feature to do anything which is not allowed on the forums. If you have doubts about using the microphone feature, then disable it or turn your volume off if necessary.

D) Confirm your loss by sending a PM to the tournament coordinator. The form is as follows:
Results: (Win/Loss)
Comments: (Optional)

Hopefully tournaments will not take three days to complete Razz

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Tournament/Battle Event---Quick Run Guide
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