A Pokemon Wifi-League based on the ability of competitive battling supported by 'Pokemon D/P' and 'Pokemon Battle Revolution'
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 The Purpose of Pokemon Battle Masquerade

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PostSubject: The Purpose of Pokemon Battle Masquerade   Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:42 am

The Pokemon Battle Masquerade is a forum based Pokemon tournament league, bridging the gap between members from vast distances across the globe, using Nintendo's latest innovation in gaming...Wifi. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution use this technology to allow connection between Pokemon players through the internet, seeding endless possibilities for members of this league.

I Azelf, the founder of this league, hope to accomplish the goal of offering challenging and meaningful battles to anyone who wishes. Having the loss of never meeting and befriending another Pokemon fan throughout my obsession, I know what a loss it is to not have a challenge or reason to truly battle. With this site I hope to help anyone who may have or is experiencing the pains of not having friends interested in the common goal of having a challenging and awe inspiring battle.

Within the name 'Pokemon Battle Masquerade', there is a meaning, and not just a random assortment of words. Pokemon Battles are the main goal of the site, so that phrase was essential to the title. But Masquerade has a deeper meaning.

A Masquerade is an exciting type of party, in which all of the participants come wearing costumes and masks of vast variety...How does this relate to anything though? I will now explain... In this world, there is a vast majority of different people, if regarding their appearance, taste, strategy, or any other features. By Masquerade I meant to point out the fact that every member of this site is unique and that it is for the better, because it brings a larger challenge to go against countless strategies. In essence, making the whole more exciting... There is yet another meaning still to this though. Some people may be embarrassed of their like of Pokemon, taunted whenever they mention it by insincere punks. But through this site they can continue their liking of Pokemon, as if hidden behind a mask.

I think that I have well explained what this site is about now, but if you still have your doubts then PLEASE send me a message instantly and I will fill in any other information you may want.

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The Purpose of Pokemon Battle Masquerade
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