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 Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Regulations   Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:44 am

Welcome all trainers and members of Pokemon Battle Masquerade. Arranged in this forum is a list of rules which I have created in order to guide you, help you, and protect you, while having the most delightful time gaining new friends and foes in this battling environment.

A) Spamming- This is a most pointless offense, which hopefully never shows up on this site. Spamming is when a 'useless' post is made; whether it is not insightful, not related to the topic of discussion, or could have been avoided through the 'EDIT' button. Spam clutters, distracts, and annoys members, and is also an easy and unfair way to increase post count. Spamming can result in IP Address banning from the sight, which means no coming back.

Here are some examples of spamming:

1) Double Posting- Double posting is posting twice in a row. There is an an edit button available, meaning that this is avoidable by just adding your remaining thoughts to your first post. Should you have a thought after posting, take the time to go back and edit, instead of double posting.
2) One-Word Posts- Posting of very short and not sightful posts is spam. This includes posts only containing short phrases such as 'lol', 'wasup', and 'brb'. No sensible conversation can come from this type of activity, so if you want to act this way then go to the Chat-Box on the bottom of the Index page.
3) Advertising- Do not post an advertisement in the middle of a discussing. It can be very distracting, and people are not going to be interested while they are trying to discuss matters. Post these small in your signature, or ask in the chat-box.
4) Topic Resurrection- If a topic has been without activity for a while, then do not go posting in it. This clutters newer posts which people are actually interested in, and keeps older posts from being deleted when necessary.
5) Smily Abuse- Smilies exist to be posted at appropriate times, but if too many smilies are flooding posts then they become more un-insighful spam. Limit your smilies please.
6) Random Post- Don't post random stupidity because it is annoying and...well....stupid!

B) Off-Topic- Throughout a thread it is perfectly fine to go a bit off topic every so often, but if a thread seems to have gone very off topic and doesn't progress back to the original topic then it will be straightened out by a Mod or Admin and if needed, locked.

C) Thread Misplacement- If a thread is accidentally misplaced, (say a forum game is put in the art board), then a Mod or Admin will move it to the correct location. This offense is minor, but can result in punishment if it happens constantly.

D) Derogatory Treatment- At Pokemon Battle Masquerade, there is no tolerance of disrespectful members. Insulting, flaming, and being straight out disrespectful and rude to another member because of their race, gender, or ability will have serious consequences. This breaks the entire purpose of this site, and if I discover from anyone that this has happened, then I will personally see to it that their IP Address is banned to keep them from ever returning to the site.

E) Inappropriate Content- Because Pokemon is aimed at a young audience, inappropriate material will result in a probable ban depending on the severity. There will be undoubtedly younger trainers on the site, and it is everyones' duty to respect them despite any age differences which may occur. The following are the main categories which all into inappropriate:
1)Profane Language- If you don't know if it is profane or not, then don't say it, because it probably is. There are filters on the forums and chat-box hopefully to prevent anything if it ever occurs, but hopefully everyone will respect themselves enough to never need it.
2)Inappropriate Pictures-Self-explanatory, so don't post them!
3)Indirect Profanity-Even though there is no cursing or other directly profane material, this is still inappropriate and will be punished as severely if not more than direct profanity.

F) Real World Information- In order to keep the environment here at Pokemon Battle Masquerade safe and friendly, it is restricted to try and obtain another person's personal information other than their name. You may only ask them for their name once, at which time the other party decides whether to release the name. If you persist after the first attempt, or try and gain other information, then you will be punished for the offense.

If you feel like giving out your personal information to another person, then do it by other means than Pokemon Battle Masquerade's resources. But beware, as releasing information can come back to haunt you.

Please follows these rules to make this site greater for everyone of the members who come here.

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Forum Rules and Regulations
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