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 Lexybubbles' Trade Topic

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Beginning Trainer

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PostSubject: Lexybubbles' Trade Topic   Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:38 pm

I have:
Japanese Deoxys lvl 50 Timid (says 10th, I think 10th anniversary?)
Shiny Delibird lvl 100 Serious (Might be Hacked)
Shiny Dewgong lvl 100 Calm
Shiny Cyndaquil lvl 1 Timid UT
Shiny Eevee lvl 1 Quirky UT
Shiny Milotic lvl 100 Quiet
Shiny Lucario lvl 100 Adamant
Shiny Gyarados lvl 100 Adamant
Shiny Ponyta lvl 19 Quiet UT

I have some legneds, too, but I can't post them here because this is a Shiny and Event forum, so just send me a message if you are interested.

My wants: (legit)
Shiny Azelf
Shiny Mespirit
Shiny Uxie
Any lvl 100 Shiny Pokemon

Even if you don't have any of my wants, please offer, you never know if I'll like your offer or not! Very Happy

Oh yeah, and as an edit, all these pokemon are cloned from the original, which were all legit (unless I stated otherwise above). I can get you multiples of each one, so it's no big deal if you would like a few. Thanks!

New Pokemon (since I made this post):
Shiny Metagross lvl 70 Lonely
Japanese Shiny Gengar lvl 100 Quiet
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Lexybubbles' Trade Topic
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