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 Making a Suggestion

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PostSubject: Making a Suggestion   Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:04 pm

Welcome to the Suggestions thread. Before you start showering us with your brilliant ideas, there are a couple rules you need to know about first.

A) This is the place to post your ideas for the future of this site. Whenever you have an idea which will help the site or improve it, then post it and get other peoples opinions on your idea.

B) All normal forum rules will be enforced here as well as the rest of the forum. The rules can be found here: [url=Site-Information-c1/Site-Rules-f3/Forum-Rules-and-Regulations-t4.htm]http://pokemasquerade.highforum.net/Site-Information-c1/Site-Rules-f3/Forum-Rules-and-Regulations-t4.htm[/url].

C) When criticizing someones ides, only constructive criticism is allowed. Anyone found flaming someones ideas, saying they are 'stupid' or anything else of that type will be banned from the suggestions forum.

D) Once an idea has been developed enough and two or more of the Admins vote 'Yea' for it, then it will either be put into effect or a poll will be created to ask the rest of the communities oppinions.

I hope you have some great ideas to share with the rest of us to keep making Pokemon Battle Masquerade a better place.

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Making a Suggestion
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